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Renting your property for the season has the huge benefit of only needing one client and guaranteeing rent for the season, unlike the risk of renting week by week. is based in the French Alps with extensive experience of renting long term properties. Spending seasons in the mountains enables us to provide the best service for both owners and tenants alike.

Benefits of Working With

  • No listing fees - list for winter, summer and year round
  • Commission added to your net price (12%)
  • List in the best currency for you - GBP, EUR, USD, CAD, CHF
  • No fees for foreign currency payments
  • Payments sent within 2 working days
  • Massive increase in information listed - including photos
  • Maps

How It Works

Once a tenant has decided on a property 500£/€ is paid per person to secure the property, of which 400£/€ is forwarded immediately to the owner. The balance is then due by the 31st October, when the balance is sent to the owner. Contracts, moving details and damage deposits are arranged directly between the owner and the tenant unless otherwise agreed.

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